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Maroon Asteria

High Quality 300ML USB LED Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier

High Quality 300ML USB LED Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Name:LED Humidifier
Capacity: 300ml
Color: Dark wood grain/ Light wood grain/Red wood grain
Power: 2W
Noise: <30db
LED Light:  Blue
Output: DC 5V
Input voltage:100-240V AC
Mist output: Approx 30ml/Hr
Usage Area: 20-40㎡
Size: 114*110mm /4.48"*4.33"
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic)+ Polypropylene
Timing function: 2-6hours
1. Humidify- humidifies the air in the room regardless summer or winter, refresh the air quality we breathe, adjust the room temperature.
2. Beauty- used as skin care, keeps skin healthy and moist.
3. Purify- neutralizes static, reduce infection of skin, air cleaner
4. Relaxation- aromatherapy, relieve strain and ease stress
5. Decoration- warms atmosphere in the room by adding perfume or essential oil in the atomizer tank
Package Included:
1x LED Humidifier
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
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